Super Normal Design transformed and upgraded a showroom in Shenzhen that displays Vitra’s products trying to figure out how to pay tribute to previous generations of design masters and how to tell the stories of the brand.

In Chinese culture it's always said that there is "earth" and "heaven" amidst mountains and rivers and the root of everything lie between square (fang) and round (yuan). With the "wheel" of the era moving forward, how do human habitats nowadays bring in landscape and natural things?

Erecting in the magnificent ancient capital Xi'an with a modern and stylish gesture, Sunac appears like a large crystal "gift box", which brings amazing fashionable touches to the land featuring a long history and profound culture.

Superimpose transformed two floors of the WIFC shopping mall in Chengdu into a large, lively and reconfigurable Soho 3Q co-working offices.

Nina Bridal Suite and Ballroom is the pilot project for the re-branded L'hotel Nina et Convention Centre, a hotel rooted in Hong Kong and founded by the late business icon Nina Wang.

Anshuka was founded on the Nanshan Road in Hangzhou, next to the famous West Lake in 2010 and recently renovated. It is the first Western-style pastry store to bring semi-cooked cheese products into China, leading the domestic market, and it has been recognized by customers for nearly ten years.

As an experienced expert of the design industry, Aeriedesign has always aspired to create a story. The office should not only be a place for serious work, but also a place for friendly socializing and for being transported into a different dimension.

Gathering is the beginning of all civilized behaviors, and people’s gathering leads to the emergence of food, history and emotions. In Fuzhou, known as the “Rongcheng”, people used to gather under trees and talking about various things and a village culture emerged along with nature.

At night, anyone passing by Heze Guangzhou Road No.1 will be attracted by the architectural space on a piece of water area that presents the artistic language features of the Russian supremacism animateur-Malevich without an exception.

Different from the traditional parent-child space such as playground, the parent-child restaurant is a place to meet the social needs of different groups of people.The parent-child restaurant brand YooYuumi, based on the new romance, blends in perfectly with eastern leisure pattern.

Situated in the port city of Xiamen, A Woodwork Enthusiast's Home has been created within the site of an abandoned cement factory, to be a "physically static place" that evokes a complete sense of calm.

Yellow walls meet stark-white furnishings and colorful terrazzo fixtures inside this bright apartment reconfigured by MDDM Studio to create large open-plan living spaces.

With a concept based on the use of symbolism in architecture, Wutopia Lab has recently completed the renovation of the Hubei Foreign Language Bookstore in Wuhan.
In business for more than 40 years, the bookstore offers a variety of spaces, including libraries, galleries and reading rooms, incorporating the notion of symbols to re-establish a relationship between the architecture and local residents.


La Moitié, French for “half”, is a newly opened upscale café and women’s boutique in Guangzhou characterized by two visually different spaces, one side captured in pink and full of frills, and the other black and understated.


The Prism Design concept for this office’s collaboration-minded interiors is “Mitochondria and chloroplasts”. The offices are split into membranes, mitochondria-inspired partitions which form the walls of a powerhouse actually visible to the naked eye: each space is built to encourage creative and strategic cross-pollination between people, their ideas and environment.


Beijing based architects ArchStudio renovated an abandoned hutong in a historic quarter of the Chinese capital, making a house with curving glass walls around internal courtyards, combining the old and new.

“By integrating traditional history and culture with modern and contemporary art, the exchange of cultures will bring people the long-cherished wish of a harmonious and peaceful life. The design of the building takes ‘harmony’ as the theme. From the architectural design to the very details, a variety of circles is presented. This is an attempt to create a new culture center integrating Cantonese culture by absorbing the special meaning of geometry in the regional context.” [Tadao Ando

An apartment designed by the Ippolito Fleitz Group in the heart of Shanghai, whose interiors boast vibrant colors, rich textures, and sinuous walls for an energetic yet cozy atmosphere overlooking the skyline of the metropolis.

Neri&Hu’s renovation in the Three On the Bund, a Shanghai institution building, transforms the Whampoa Club into a modern Chinese brasserie concept. Previously grandiose interiors are exchanged for a more subdued palette inspired by local street life, while still incorporating touches of opulence.

Wutopia Lab renovated a 543-sq-m historical house in central Shanghai without altering the original building code-protected elements. The house was reshaped into “a secret place”, a home that now includes a home office, courtyard and small private gallery.

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