Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture announces winning design competition for Shinmao Shenzhen-Hong Kong International Center, which would become the tallest building in China and one of the tallest in the world.

The new tower is located at the center of Shimao Shenzhen Longgang Master Plan designed by AS+GG and is the main focal point for every office and apartment building within the development. It is envisioned as one of the tallest towers in the world, at approximately 700 meters, and will serve as a symbolic icon for the new district. In the evenings, the tower itself will be a visual, sound, and light show, reinforcing the district’s athletic and entertainment purposes. The tower’s top has one of the world’s highest observation experiences and additional club facilities that include a restaurant, a night club, spa services, and a grand swimming pool, all with views of Shenzhen and beyond.

01 ASGG Shenzhen Shimao

“The Shenzhen-Hong Kong International Center is anthropomorphic in its character, representing and honouring in an abstract way the athletes that train and struggle to have the opportunity to perform in the world-class stadiums, arenas, and natatorium directly adjacent to and integrated into the overall AS+GG master plan for this project,” says Design Partner Adrian Smith.

02 ASGG Shenzhen Shimao

The environmental goal for the Shenzhen-Hong Kong International Center and the surrounding landscape is to obtain LEED Platinum certification, therefore sustainability is considered in a holistic way. The mixed-use district that surrounds and connects with the tower contains a five-star hotel, offices, and conference facilities. A major retail facility defines the northeast corner of the site, while a community of apartment towers occupies the northwest section. The master plan integrates a dynamic new public realm that combines cultural and retail programs anchored by a cultural centre and a main library. Programmed venues have open and enclosed spaces for recreation, leisure, tourism, art, dining, and social gatherings. Beautifully landscaped promenades connect patrons and visitors to every aspect of the activity.

03 ASGG Shenzhen Shimao

04 ASGG Shenzhen Shimao

When entering the display area, there is another world. The passageway in this area was constructed with elevated granite strips at the middle, each with certain distance with another, and with white gravels on both sides. Such design adds a Zenist atmosphere to the space.

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