by Mauro Spinelli, CSIL Centre for Industrial Studies – Milan, Italy

 As office distribution is progressively transforming from the simple supply of furniture items to a more global offer of service, consultancy and projects, the vast majority of survey respondents declared intentions to expand their offer and product portfolios. The workspace transformation includes increasing demand for “informal meeting spaces” and “cafeteria/leisure areas”. Soft benching/sofas are increasing among seating products together with Height Adjustable Tables. In general, technological integrated products are expanding in office environment.
The study was launched to get a better understanding of the prospects for the office furniture sector in Europe by gathering the expectations of the distribution companies for the period 2018-2019. The analysis involved around 100 office furniture distributors (dealers, distributors, interior designers, specifiers). The main results of the study will be showed at the 9th Global Office Furniture Outlook to be held the 29th of March 2018 during the second phase of CIFF Guangzhou.

3.a Trends in the European Office Market

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