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hall 4.1 | booth A15

National Exhibition & Convention Center (Shanghai) in Hongqiao

CIFF Shanghai | 10-13 September 2018


Company profile

Debrah’s is Chinese furnishing brand that stands out for the excellent quality of its products and its pronounced aptitude for customisation, and it can provide the international market with bespoke furnishing element solutions for the home and on contract, both large scale and in more limited quantities.
Debrah’s has worked with enormous passion for more than 20 years, constantly investing in research and design, and focusing strongly on the quality of the furniture it manufactures, thanks the perfect blend of modern production techniques and traditional artisan skill, particularly when working with wood, metal and glass.


Products highlights

[product rewarded with Pinnacle Award Asia Pacific 2017]


Beautiful, pure white and light, just like a butterfly. The main feature of the Butterfly is its delicate and subtle design: the contoured doors, the legs of the tables and containers, the surfaces; all the elements play a fundamental role, making the furniture almost ethereal. The table also comes in an extendable version, increasing its length from 200 to 290 cm. Made from a steel structure and opaque lacquer MDF panels, embellished by Cristal White tabletops. A timeless collection, which has proven to be very successful year on year.


DEBRAH S Chagal 01

The distinguishing feature of the Chagal collection consists of the powerful metal bases, which provide the elements of the collection with a totemic and sophisticated strength. At all times elegant, perfect in any room, traditional or modern. The structures come in brushed bronze, nickel, or painted white or black, coordinating perfectly with the curvy surfaces made from frosted glass or wood veneer.



DEBRAH S Structure 02

An idiosyncratic and never conventional collection, which, at a glance, captures your attention in its chaotic order. Available in numerous finishing styles, in terms of wood type, lacquering and metal.



DEBRAH S Kong 03

A sumptuous and comfortable collection, based on soft, curvy shapes, with hardly any sharp corners. Rich in details, the collection is an eclectic combination of shapes and materials, perfect for creating welcoming and sophisticated spaces.
This effect is achieved thanks to the use of numerous precious materials, such as brushed bronze and American walnut, the skilful use of colours and of fabrics that are soft and never ordinary, such as velvet. A timeless collection, which has proven to be very successful year on year.




The Kubic collection combines in image of sturdiness given by the steel structure, with the sophistication of the opaque white finishing.
A timeless elegance, formed by clean lines and pure materials, such as the white glass and polished stainless steel. A contemporary style, always perfect, for living a house that is beautiful to display. The brightness and the subtle color tones of the collection are cheering and relaxing, allowing it to fit effortlessly into modern spaces.



With its art deco flavour, soft, rounded lines, and complete lack of sharp corners, Totem is perfect in all contexts. The sophisticated blend of copper, brass and dark-toned wood emphasises the retro aspect, and strengthens the flowing lines of this product family, while the version in steel, with opaque white lacquer surfaces, gives the collection a more contemporary feel.



With its seductive lines, the Arc collection stands out for its play of metal arches, which embrace the legs right from the base. Perfect in all contexts, ideal for elegant and sophisticated spaces, thanks to the lines that are both clean and eclectic at the same time, these products are both timeless and forever modern.


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