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Company profile

Lightspace aims to be an internationally recognized creative brand for workspace and public space furniture, focused on the core values of being always youthful, fun, collaborative and inspiring.

Originality is the company’s language. Design is its life. The constant expression of design using spatial awareness, creating identity and delivering functionality, is the blood of Lightspace.

The company’s mission is to connect Eastern and Western design and unite leading designers from across the globe with the aim to bring ideas and creatives together with high end manufacturing capabilities, to create outstanding original design furniture using world class materials and manufacturing processes, to go global.


Products highlights

01 Lightspace Pin

02 Lightspace Pin

Named after and inspired by the bowling pins, the Pin collection is no surprise. It is a series that is meant to lighten up the mood and add fun, uniqueness and a sense of relaxation and youthfulness to the space. The sofas, armchairs and chairs are designed by Favaretto&Partners to be comfortable, elegant and a little bit quirky with its streamlined stitching, pin style legs and well-padded seat. The Pin can be placed in common spaces, breakout areas and home living.


03 Lightspace Flow

Flow's design inspiration is from many aspects of life, among which water is an important element of it. In the mind of Alex Chai, the designer, water and rhythm’s relationship are an interesting motif. The feeling of rhythm is pursued by the flow and the beauty of movement, like the ancient Greek saying goes: “everything flows, and everything will change”. Flow is designed without sharp edges and corners, focusing on light and understated textures. The vertical stripes on the upholstered fabric create a sense of rhythm and flow and balances with the thin metal base frame.


04 Lightspace Pig

Pig is an ottoman, coffee table and container with a playful, ironic character which introduces a sense of joy in living spaces. It’s conceived by Favaretto&Partners as a new style seating and decoration taking inspiration from a lovely pig.  Available in different colors, the outdoor version is made of fiberglass, while the indoor version is available in various fabrics and leather. Pig got the Honorable Mention of the Red Dot Award 2015.


05 Lightspace UFO

06 Lightspace UFO

The comfort and the strong formal characterization are certainly the hallmarks of this relaxing collection of chairs and lounge chairs. UFO is not an extraterrestrial, but it is certainly a complementary piece of furniture that stands out and is remembered for his notable personality. The purpose of Favaretto&Partners is to improve the quality of life through a cozy seat to make the user experience unique and comfortable.


07 Lightspace Omnia

Omnia is a family of office chairs, lounge chairs and executive chairs, characterized by a cut in the backrest, which gives it an aesthetic and functional importance, allowing a different flexibility. The soft upholstered finish offers added comfort, with a fine frame that is strong and supportive. The design by Favaretto&Partners is fashionable, relaxed and functional, adding a sense of fun to the work desk.

08 Lightspace House

The House series is made of the private booth and private thinking sofa, private work desk and bar. Home is where the heart is. It is a place where people feel safe and warm, relax, unwind and dream. The House series designed by Kim, integrates communication, sharing, thinking, leisure and social recreation all in one, inviting you to enjoy a cup of tea, chat privately on the phone and with team members or colleagues.


09 Lightspace Comix

Innovative and unique, the Comix collection designed by Favaretto&Partners is made from powder-coated metal. With a stackable and slender frame, it is versatile for indoor and outdoor spaces. The interplay of horizontal and vertical lines creates a visually attractive and fun ambience, giving depth and energy to the space.

10 Lightspace Puzzle

Most people think office furniture is pretty standardized and boring, dull or uninspiring. This shouldn't be the case of Puzzle. Designed by Erik Couzy, it's a collection of sofas and armchairs that aims to be comfortable, functional for an office but also fun and inviting. The puzzle cushions are a conversation starter and evokes the sense of ''solving puzzles'' and working to find solutions to problems or challenges.

11 Lightspace Norrsten

Simple and practical design, clear and lively lines make the tables Norrsten fit all kinds of space, such as public lounge area, lobby, meeting room and cafe. Convenient assembly and disassembly structure is more convenient for transportation and storage.


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