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hall 7.2 | booth A02

National Exhibition & Convention Center (Shanghai) in Hongqiao

CIFF Shanghai | 10-13 September 2018


Company profile

Kuka is a leading brand in China home furnishing industry, which owns global reputation as furniture giant and listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange successfully.
Kuka has gone through three classic generations since its foundation; it researches, develops, produces and sales home appliances of living room and bedroom for the purpose to provide a health and comfortable environment globally. At present, products from Kuka have been sold to 120 countries and regions and it owns more than 3000 brand monopolized shops.
In China, Kuka owns four production bases in Hangzhou with annual sofa production of millions pieces and cooperates with more than ten design teams from Italy, America, Germany, UK and France; more than 100 furniture designers, colour experts, interior designers, soft-mounted designers and engineers support the Kuka’s products development. It also keeps relationship with famous institutions and organizations like China Academy of Art and Polytechnic University of Milan.
Kuka won more than 100 design awards and 1000 original patents, which becomes the permanent treasure in the heart of Kuka people.


Products highlights

Kuka 01 5608

High Leg Contemporary Stationary Sofa

Kuka 02 5505

High Leg Motion Sofa

Kuka 03 067

Fabric Sofa

Kuka 04 KM.012

American Traditional Motion Sofa

Kuka 05 5390

High Leg Contemporary Stationary Sofa

Kuka 06 5393

Transitional Motion Sofa

Kuka 07 5385B

High Leg Motion Sofa

Kuka 08 5357

European Transitional Stationary Sofa

Kuka 09 5320

High Leg Motion Sofa

Kuka 10 3301

KUKA Continental Collection

Kuka Home

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